Privacy Policy

We, at United Pills Shops, always consider our customers and their personal information as the utmost primacy. Thus, for safety and security of your data during the process of login are well coded so you will always find the safe process on our websites. The reason behind gathering such information (personal and medical information) is only for the purpose of helping you to make knowledgeable decisions and get smoother shopping experience.

Data that we collect:

Registration Data- Before going to place an order on our website you have to fill in a login forum once for the next producers. In this registration forum, you have to fill in information about yourself. This process protects us from getting fraud.

Email-ID information- This information is essential for us so that we can provide you different types of notifications and update the information on our websites. In any case, we can communicate you with Via Email.

Why we collect personal information from you?

Personal information that we gather from customers are used by us in different purposes. In several, the most important is billing purpose. For getting a perfect bill for the product we need personal information like name, age, address with pin code, mobile numbers as well as email- id.  When we dispatch your order then we have to inform you. For that our customer executive services call you and provide you every detail. In any case, if you are not getting your order one can track order by calling our customer support services. For further information, one can call our customer support service.

Data Security

We know these data are very important for you thus for your safety we always use safe and advanced tools and software to store your information. We never disclose these personal details with a third party so you can trust our advanced and safe security. Many times people think that shopping with cards at an online pharmacy is not safe but on our website, we use SSL encryption that will not only protect personal but also protect financial transaction information.

On our website and services, you will never find any type of piracy and fraud that is why we are the most popular online pharmacy.

Change to policy

We at United Pills Shops reserve the right to change,modify or amend this policy at any time thus please check private policy once before going to place an order for your products.